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12 Characteristic Features Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

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12 Characteristic Features Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

diabetes type 2

Distinctive Diabetes – Diabetes or commonly called diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by blood glucose levels are excessive, thus triggering insulin system abnormalities. Diabetes is composed of two types, namely type 1 and type 2. Both types of diabetes are indeed caused by blood sugar, but if carefully researched both type 1 and type 2 have a substantive difference from the way of treatment, causes, as well as character traits.

For people who are aged 30 years and above will generally be prone to diabetes type 2. Diabetes 2 itself arises because it is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, and rarely engage in sports activities, but this time, not only diabetes strikes people aged over 30 years , young people between the ages of 20 to 25 years are also very susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

To know the characteristic features and symptoms of Type 2 diabetes can not be known easily, need a diagnosis from doctors that the symptoms can be known with certainty. And the most appropriate way to determine the characteristic features of type 2 diabetes that is through a blood test, if the test showed positive for diabetes that normally you are required to lose weight, after it was given oral drug from the doctor.

It is not easy to clearly know the symptoms as well as the characteristic features of type 2 diabetes is uncertain, but of cases that have occurred, generally people with diabetes will experience some symptoms such as the following

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Diabetes Symptoms And Feature Feature

1. Frequent urination
Frequent urination will also be experienced by people with diabetes, if this happens it would not hurt you immediately go early symptoms to get treatment quickly.

2. Weight getting down
If you lost weight fairly quickly and significantly, the likelihood that this be an early sign of diabetes. because weight loss is closely associated with diabetes, this is because glucose can not be absorbed by the body.

3. Increased appetite
The next characteristic feature of diabetes can be seen from the appetite is growing, so that cell function to work properly, so it takes a lot more glucose intake is derived from food. But the food was already engulfed not able to enter the cells of the body’s metabolic processes, which is why the feeling of hunger often arises.

4. Impaired vision
People with diabetes 2 will generally experience this complaint, the cause is increasingly unclear vision or blurred due to increasing glucose levels, thus limiting fluid blood vessels into the eye, even a state like this can make the eye lens to change shape. But you need not worry, as this characteristic feature can be back to normal if the blood sugar level decreases. These early symptoms will remain for blood sugar levels are still high.

5. Often Tingling / Numbness
In general, from the experiences of some people, the characteristic features of people affected by diabetes usually will have the characteristic features such as numbness. The initial symptoms such as these should be wary because it could cause damage to the nerve fibers. Some parts of the body will experience numbness usually the feet, hands, and fingers, even symptoms such as tingling.

6.Infeksi Mushrooms
diabetes traits such as fungal infections commonly experienced by women, for women who suffer from diabetes typically will positively infected with the fungus that appears on the mouth in the form of canker sores or infections on v4gina caused by the fungus candida.

7. wounds difficult to heal
In the process of wound healing will be difficult for people with diabetes, excess blood sugar levels will attack the immune system and makes the immune system becomes abnormal, so it will take a very long time for the wound healing process.

8. Arise skin disease
In people with diabetes will experience dysfunctional sweat glands are very influential in circulation. that will cause skin diseases such as itchy, scaly skin, and irritation. But the characteristic feature of this kind can not ascertain the cause of the symptoms of diabetes

9. Urinary Tract Infections
irregular glucose levels can cause urinary tract infections, generally feature this characteristic complaints by women

10 Easy thirsty
As already mentioned above if people with diabetes will often experience urination, frequent urination would affect the existing fluid in the body, so the body’s lack of fluids and lead to dehydration.

11. Fatigue and quick emotion
Body condition in people with diabetes will not feel comfortable when sleeping, even each time would awaken to drink or urinate. Because the rest is not good, which is why diabetics easily get tired even increasing nature of emotions

12. Gum Infection

Experience of some sufferers, people with diabetes will also experience an infection of the gums such as irritation, swelling of the gums and the gums become red.

To know for sure, you should perform a blood test several times, a single blood test speckle necessarily shows accurate test results, thus requiring repeated tests to be more definite. If the 3 different test your glucose levels show above 126mg / dL, you are positively become diabetic.

Can diabetes be cured? Up to now, there is no medical expert who found a cure. Diabetes can not be cured completely but can only be controlled with medication given by doctors.

That some of the symptoms and a characteristic feature of diabetes you need to know, hopefully, this article can help you with important information about diabetes.

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