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10 Hair Care Tips Rebonding In Order Not To Shred

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10 Hair Care Tips Rebonding In Order Not To Shred

Rebonding the hair or straighten hair permanently is the habit that it’s common for some women. Where the women are very crave for straight hair and embody the desires in a way ironing their hair. But, of course it many time consuming and should be done every day, then the only option is by way of rebonding.

Rebonding is a chemical process that makes your hair is weak because of given strong chemicals. Rebonding can also cause the ends of the hair to become branched, also make the hair damaged and loss. Direbonding hair care requires more than normal hair.

How to care for your hair to keep it broken? Well, here there are some hair care tips rebonding best which we will share it to you.

Do not wet the hair
Hair rebonding You don’t got wet for more or less three days after in rebonding because it can cause oily hair and dull.

Don’t tie up hair
Also, avoid tying your hair a few days after rebonding or tucking the hair behind the ears. Your hair will bend in the bound.

Let the hair remains straight when sleeping
Let your straight hair flowing and unencumbered agency while sleeping. It will also damage your hair after rebonding.

Shampoos and conditioners
After three days since rebonding, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for approximately 15 minutes. This is an important point of the hair care tips after rebonding.

Avoid hair from heat
Avoid drying your hair with the heater after rebonding as it will damage your hair. You should dry your hair naturally, especially after rebonding. This is one of those hair care tips that are important to hair rebonding.

Trim your hair
Regularly, cut your hair to prevent and remove the ends of the hair are branched, also to maintain the health of your hair. The ends of the hair branching can spread up to the root of the hair if it is not trimmed.

Use cold water
Hot water can damage Your rebonding and hair will remove moisture to hair. Use only cold water to wash your hair. This will also be your hair shine.

Use a wide toothed comb
Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb or brush gently. Make sure that your hair is not entangled in it. Use a comb instead of the wooden comb plastic because it can cause the hair to become frizzy.

Use a hair serum
How to get rid of frizzy hair after rebonding? Once the hair is in rebonding must use a serum to the hair to prevent Frizz. This will protect your hair from further damage, where the serum it will form a protective layer on your hair.

Hair Spa
Spa will nourish the hair and makes it soft. You can do a hair spa at home or go to a hair salon to get the best spa.

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